With a 32-year long tradition, Jese Oriental Medicine Clinic always strives for your health and beauty with great care, and keeps the place pleasant so that everyone would want to visit and be treated. We also strive to promote patients’ health with our treatments.
Eight-Constitution Medical Clinic
Eight-Constitution Medicine
The method of Eight-Constitution Medicine of Jese Oriental Medicine Clinic is a treatment of acupuncture treatment or herb medicine according to the patient’s constitution. It restrains the overpowered state of organs while it restores severely weakened organs to a balanced state.
That is the principle of Eight-Constitution Medicine.
Name of Constitution Dynamic Order of Organs
Hepatonia Liver>Kidney>Heart>Spleen>Lung
Cholecystonia Gall Bladder>Small Intestine>Stomach>Bladder>Large Intestine
Pancreotonia Spleen>Heart>Liver>Lung>Kidney
Gastrotonia Stomach>Large Intestine>Small Intestine>Gall Bladder>Bladder
Pulmotonia Lung>Spleen>Heart>Kidney>Liver
Colonotonia Large Intestine>Bladder>Stomach>Small Intestine>Gall Bladder
Renotonia Kidney>Lung>Liver>Heart>Spleen
Vesicotonia Bladder>Gall Bladder>Small Intestine>Large Intestine>Stomach
With advanced oriental medicine services of Eight-Constitution Medicine, Jese Oriental Medicine Clinic provides customized medical services depending on the patient’s constitution.
Jese Herbal Tonics
Jese Hwang-je-gong-jin-dan
Prescribed for valued patients, Jese Hwang-je-gong-jin-dan is unlike any gong-jin-dan commonly found in oriental medicine clinics; it can only be found in Jese Oriental Medicine Clinic. Made of genuine musk, tips of the velvet antler, etc., Hwang-je-gong-jin-dan is the best medicinal herb made with Jese’s most laborious work.
Efficacy and Effect
  • Stamina increase for men
  • Liver revitalization after heavy drinking
  • Anti-aging
  • Exhaustion
  • Examinees requiring mental power
  • Energy recovery after surgery or serious illness
  • Congenitally weak constitution
  • Mental and physical exhaustion from work stress
  • Immunity improvement
Oriental Surgery
Baby Face Program
Body cosmetic surgery / Diet Program
Acne Care Program
Skin Care Massage
FACE - Skin Care/ Moisturizing / Skin Reproduction / Collagen Velvet Care / Vitamin C Whitening
BODY - Back Care / Abdomen Care / Calf Care / Lower Body Care
Herbal Diet
Be healthier and lighter! With 29 years of experience, Herbal Diet of Jese Oriental Medicine Clinic provides a customized prescription among 50 different prescriptions for each patient through safe and trustworthy in-depth consultations.
Features of Jese Herbal Diet
You can choose between decoction and globulus (pill).
Get a free tablet to cleanse intestines and remove bodily waste!
(Take before sleep)
  • Coix (Job’s test)
    Coix (Job’s test)
  • Liriope rhizome
    Liriope rhizome
  • Root of hudzu (kudze)
    Root of hudzu (kudze)
  • Omija
  • Balloon flower root
    Balloon flower root
  • Chestnut
  • Scutellaria
  • Akebiae Caulis
    Akebiae Caulis
  • Raphani semen
    Raphani semen
* Jese Oriental Medicine Clinic uses only Korean herbs.
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